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Silence,  godspeed,

All mother’s needs

My ancient memories

raised like scars



Giants raised me,

Years before Man,

Before the ash drifted




Before fire started,

And ocean roared,

when Earth was the Moon

and her whisper a tremor


blow wind

born stake 

I lay 

on Waves of sharpened stones,

Then sun warmed my bones,

and black gold my soul.

In the well where I plunged

I found you, Old One.

wrapped up in a blizzard

as you spelled the words:


You live still,

Three times reborn,

Seer, snake charmer,

tongue tied lier. 

Body eye for spirit eye.

Your eyes are deep

as deep as a thought 

then silence again


revenge repeat return

But when I tried to kiss your lips.

I was poisoned by the venom ,

and blind again I woke. 


Sun blackens,

Earth crumbles,

Stars tumble from heaven,

Fire wraps around my ankles,

and waters rage and rage unscathed.


wood spirit dance

as destiny burns flames

the wolves will feel the air,

tremors in their blades

as another green earth

will rise again from heaven.


Unfortunately, what one of us critics does will reflect on us other

critics too.  If one of us decided to use violence at a protest, be

assured that we will ALL be painted as violent.  If one of use decides

to harass the families of our crazy rulers, be assured that the rest of

us will be accused of the same thing, by the church and the media.

Unless, of course, we soundly renounce such activity.

Since I don't want to be seen as agreeing with your method of

Harassment Tech to fight Institutional Harassment

Tech, I'm saying here that this goes against Gandhi Tech

and should not be used by any critic of the system.

If we use the same methods as our opponent, the public will not easily be able to distinguish which

side to cheer on.


* * * * 

Q: You are denying that your armed forces drove people out of their homes and torched entire villages? 

A: We are not angels

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