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I am a multimedia artist whose work ranges from video art to sound and performance art.
I established my career as illustrator, working for clients such as Aries Arise and Stella McCartney and for publications including Wire Magazine and Strange Attractor. Expanding my research into visual language and its relation to sound, I developed my practice as musician/composer, directing a series of sound performances ranging from experimental choirs to large costumed ensembles of electronic music.

Concurrently, I worked as video artist, investigating techniques from animation to live projections and video mapping. In 2016 I collaborated with Cristiana Morganti, principal dancer at Tanztheatre Wupperthal, creating projected and video-mapped animations for her award winning choreographies “Jessica and Me” and “A Fury Tale”.

In 2016, I secured funding to create and direct a new project titled The Seer, a multimedia live performance that crosses over music, theatre, video art and performance art. In this project I act as director, video artist and performer within a group of international women musicians and artists, such as violinist Agathe Max and composer Rebecca La Horrox. The project is based on unpublished writings that explore the story of a prophet in a timeless frame, floating between homeric myths and personal memoir.

The Seer was recently nominated by Red Bull Academy as one of the “7 women audiovisual artists pushing boundaries and challenging perceptions.”
The Seer was also named by Elephant Magazine as one of “the Women Rewriting the Audiovisual Rulebook” and by The Quietus as part of the “New Weird Britannia” music phenomenon.
On 16/11/18 I was invited by Lisa Meyer of Capsule to take part to Somerset House Radio Assembly live broadcast.
In 2019 I developed a new performance titled WORLDZERO/KHA[0] in collaboration with sculptor Charly Blackburn, UKAEA and video artist duo IMPATV and presented it at Supersonic Festival on 21/6/2019 and at Camden Arts Centre on 11/1/2020.

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